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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Scotland


Studies in Eighteenth-Century Scotland

Bucknell University Press (

General Editor: Richard B. Sher

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NEW! Vol. 9: The Scottish Enlightenment and Literary Culture NEW!

Ed. Ralph McLean, Ronnie Young, and Kenneth Simpson. Bucknell University Press, 2016. Hardcover. Pp. 314. List price: $95/£65. Special Member Discount Price: $50/£35.


Vol. 8: Scots in London in the Eighteenth Century. Ed. Stana Nenadic. Bucknell

University Press, 2010. Hardcover. Pp. 317. List price: $90/£60. Special Member Discount Price: $50/£35.


Vol. 7: Scotland and France in the Enlightenment.  Ed. Deidre Dawson and Pierre Morère.  Bucknell University Press, 2004. Hardcover. Pp. 348. List price: $95/£65. Special Member Discount Price: $50/£35.


Vol. 6: Nation and Province in the First British Empire: Scotland and the Americas, 1600–1800.  Ed. Ned. C. Landsman.  Bucknell University Press, 2001.  Hardcover.  Pp. 292.  List price: $90/£60. Special Member Discount Price: $50/£35.


The following volume is still in print with Cambridge University Press:


Vol. 5: William Robertson and the Expansion of Empire.  Ed. Stewart J. Brown.  Cambridge University Press, 1997.  Pp. xi + 276.  Hardcover: $124/£67. Softcover (2008): $40.99/£24.99.


The following volumes are out of print, but some copies may be available directly from the Society, at the special prices shown below, while supplies last.


Vol. 4: The Glasgow Enlightenment.  Ed. Andrew Hook and SOLD OUT

Richard B. Sher. Tuckwell Press, 1995.  Pp. xi + 252


Vol. 3: Sociability and Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland. SOLD OUT

Ed. John Dwyer and Richard B. Sher.  Originally published as a

special double issue of Eighteenth-Century Life 15 (1991). 

Softcover book edition, Mercat Press, 1993.  Pp. xi + 252.


Vol. 2: Ossian Revisited.  Ed. Howard Gaskill.  Edinburgh SOLD OUT in US/few copies left UK

University Press, 1991.  Pp. viii + 250. Hardcover: $25/£18.


Vol. 1: Scotland and America in the Age of the Enlightenment. SOLD OUT

Ed. Richard B. Sher and Jeffrey R. Smitten.  Edinburgh and

Princeton, 1990. Edinburgh University Press, 1992.  Pp. xii + 307. Softcover: $20/£15.


Also Available:

The Culture of the Book in the Scottish Enlightenment: An Exhibition with Essays by Roger Emerson, Richard Sher, Stephen Brown, and Paul Wood.  Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, 2000. Softcover. Pp. x + 160, with 40 illustrations. Member price from ECSSS: $20/£15. Or $20CAN at


Special Issue of Hume Studies, vol. 21, no. 2 (November 1995), containing papers from the joint ECSSS/Hume Society conference held in Ottawa in 1993.  Member price: $10 US.