An interdisciplinary and international society examining all aspects of 18th-century Scottish culture and society

Officers and Executive Board

kaypicECSSS Officers 2016-2018

President: Leith Davis (English), Simon Fraser University

Vice President: Craig Smith (Philosophy), University of Glasgow

Executive Secretary: Richard B. Sher (History), New Jersey Institute of Technology

Member-at-Large 1: Katherine Nicolai (History), independent scholar

Member-at-Large 2: Michael Amrozowicz (English), State University of New York at Albany

Website Manager: Nelson Mundell (Scottish History), University of Glasgow

ECSSS Executive Board

John Cairns (Law), University of Edinburgh (to 2018)

Leith Davis (to 2020)

Deidre Dawson (French), independent scholar  (to 2016)

Jean-François Dunyach (British Studies), University of Paris-Sorbonne (to 2017)

Jack Hill (Religion), Texas Christian University (to 2018)

Catherine Jones (English), University of Aberdeen (to 2018)

Ned Landsman (History), Stony Brook University (to 2020)

Richard B. Sher (to 2016)

Craig Smith (Philosophy), University of Glasgow (to 2020)

Mark G. Spencer (History), Brock University (to 2018)

Mark Towsey (History), University of Liverpool (to 2020)