An interdisciplinary and international society examining all aspects of 18th-century Scottish culture and society

Past Conferences


21-25 June 2017 Vancouver, B.C., with the World Congress of Scottish Literatures

31 March–3 April 2016 — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)

28-30 July 2015 — Rotterdam, NL (Fourteenth International Congress for 18th-Century Studies)

October 2014 — Montreal, Canada (Canadian Society for 18th-Century Studies)

July 2013 — Paris, France (International Adam Smith Society and the Centre Roland Mousnier, Sorbonne): “Scotland, Europe and Empire in the Age of Adam Smith and Beyond”

July 2012 — Columbia, SC (University of South Carolina Libraries): “Media & Mediation in Eighteenth-Century Scotland: Voices, Manuscripts, and ‘Guid Black Prent’”

July 2011 — Aberdeen, Scotland (Research Institute for Irish and Scottish Studies, U. of Aberdeen): “The Arts and Sciences of Progress”

June 2010 — Princeton, NJ (Princeton Theological Seminary): “Thomas Reid, William Cullen and Adam Smith: The Science of Mind and Body in the Scottish Enlightenment”

July 2009 — St. Andrews, Scotland (St. Andrews University)
June 2008 — Halifax, Nova Scotia (Dalhousie University)
July 2007 — Montpellier, France (Twelfth International Enlightenment Congress)
April 2006 — Williamsburg, Virginia (College of William and Mary)
June 2005 — Budapest, Hungary (Hungarian Society for 18th-Century Studies and Central European University): “Empire, Philosophy and Religion: Scotland and Central–Eastern Europe in the Eighteenth Century”
June 2004 — Dublin, Ireland (18th- Century Ireland Society and Trinity College Dublin): “Ireland and Scotland: Conjoined Histories”
April 2003 — Charleston, South Carolina (The Citadel)
July 2002 — Edinburgh, Scotland (University of Edinburgh): “Union and Cultural Identities in Eighteenth-Century Scotland”
June 2001 — Arlington, Virginia (International Adam Smith Society and George Mason University): “Political Economy and 18th-Century Scottish Culture”
October 2000 — Toronto, Ontario (Canadian Society for 18th-Century Studies and the University of Toronto): “Memory and Identity: Past and Present”
July 1999 — Dublin, Ireland (Tenth International Enlightenment Congress)
July 1998 — Utrecht, The Netherlands (Dutch 18th-Century Studies Society and University of Utrecht)
October 1997 — Chicago, Illinois (Midwest ASECS): “Urban Culture”
July 1996 — Grenoble, France (Groupement de Recherche Etudes Ecossaises, Université Stendhal): “France and Scotland in the Enlightenment”
July/August 1995 — Aberdeen, Scotland (King’s College): “Jacobitism, Scotland and the Enlightenment”
July 1994 — Providence, Rhode Island (John Carter Brown Library at Brown University): “Scotland and the Americas 1600–1800”
July 1993 — Ottawa, Canada (The Hume Society and the University of Ottawa): “Hume in His Scottish Setting”
October/November 1992 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (East Central ASECS): “Centers and Peripheries of Enlightenment”
July 1991 — Bristol, England (Eighth International Enlightenment Congress)
July/August 1990 — Glasgow, Scotland (University of Strathclyde): “Glasgow and the Enlightenment”
April 1989 — New Orleans, Louisiana (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies)
April 1988 — Virginia Beach, Virginia (Institute of Scottish Studies, Old Dominion University): “The Social World of the Scottish Enlightenment”